It’s Girl Scout cookie season. Forget resistance: “I can accept that Girl Scout Cookies are a kind of tax levied on the weak by the cute. It’s just that you know they’re laced with something addictive. I believe it, because as soon as the boxes are in my hands, I’ve got a problem.”

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By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about what happened at the Oscars. I’m getting a little tired of it, too, even though it was possibly the strangest and most riveting two minutes I’ve ever seen on live television. It left me feeling sorry for everyone involved, but there are at least three bright spots. […]

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Dear Adoption, I Just Want to be Heard I think. Sometimes, I pray. I talk myself into it. This is always the lead up to me beginning a conversation, hitting send on an email, or clicking post/share on social media. The topic: Adoption. And then, inevitably, with unwavering consistency, the pushback begins. Argh. Why? Why? […]

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