Even a busy Mom can handle everything!

In the surreal spin of a busy morning, Nicki reflects on motherhood: “Four brown lunch bags stand smartly on the counter in front of me, eagerly awaiting their contents. They remind me of Hanukkah candles just before they’re lit — neat and upright, promising magic and surprise.”

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Easter Cactus

Easter Cactus has flowers and yes they’re truly a knock out, especially when they appear in mass. The secret to achieving loads of blooms from one year to the next is to move it outside. At some point between June through to August put the plant outside in a protected shady location. Exposure to the elements out doors hardens up the the new growth, which is needed before it can flower.


below the cold earth plants extend eager green shoots ready for rebirth Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on fundstrategy.co.uk My response to Carpe Diem #1121 Growth Today, as we travel on the Road to Santiago, the prompt is ‘growth’, which follows on from yesterday’s episode, in which Chèvrefeuille told us about the ‘seed exercise’ […]

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선릉오피 선릉건마 아달 아찔한달리기

Pitcher plants have the appearance of an exotic, rare plant but they are actually native to parts of the United States. They grow in parts of Mississippi and Louisiana where soils are poor and nutrient levels must be acquired from other sources. The plants are carnivorous and have fleshy funnels or tubes that function as traps for insects and small animals.